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ME 7089

ME 7089 Tube skin thermocouple with weld pad and cable

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ConstructionBendable mineral insulated (MgO)
MaterialSS316, SS310, SS446, Pyrosil D, Inconel600, Hasteloy X, Haynes HR160 or other materials possible
Diameter6.0mm standard, other diameters possible
Cable typeFEP/PFA with glassfiber insulated thermocouple cable
ArmourStainless steel braided
Cable length1000mm standard, other lengths possible
TemperatureCable junction maximum 200°C
CalibrationSingle K, hot junction insulated, optional grounded
AccuracyAccording IEC 60584
Dimensions25 x 25 x 3.0 mm, other dimensions possible
MaterialSame as sheath
Pad mountingA: axial, or B: radial, tube diameter to specify
Pad formSuited to tube diameter, customer to specify
Retaining clipsWeldable. Material same as sheath
Heat shieldRefrex or Fibrefax braiding over the sheath length
CertificationATEX or IECEx explosion proof certified
Expansion loopsTo specify
Radiation shieldA weldable radiation shield

Customisation possibilities

You can remark the customisation in your quote

Productcode ME 7089
Length in mm
Pad radius
Pad type A or B


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