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MAG-01 Powerful magnetic wall and surface mounting plate

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MaterialStainless steel 316
Dimensions100 x 100 x 3mm
TypeHeavy-duty powerful high temperature version
Operating temperatureUp to 300°C
Magnet forceEach 2500 Oe. (200kA/m).
Sensor mountingBajonet, male
Type of bajonet1, or 2 pin versions available
ModelDepending on the sensor bayonet type
Standard14.8 mm diameter with 2 pins
Optional13.5 mm. diameter, 1 pin
Standard adaptor hight50 mm.
Sensor openingDrilled hole 6.5mm
Flat and slightly bended surfaces such as storage tankwalls
Indoor and Outdoor usage
Mounting4 inclinable magnets, each 22 mm diameter
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Customisation possibilities

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Productcode MAG-01
Number of bayonet pins, 1 or 2
Adaptor outer diameter


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