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WISTSense Ultra is an ultra-fast industrial grade FBG-interrogator providing measurement of up to several thousands sensors per device. The interrogator has been developed by Proximion designed for distributed sensing of FBG sensors that monitor temperature and numerous other parameters for monitoring and process optimization. Without using any moving parts, WISTSense Ultra is extremely reliable for long-term field operation. Proximion’s analysis software provides complete data acquisition, computation and analysis of all sensors in real-time.
A typical FBG-based sensor system consists of FBG sensors, optical interrogators and sensor analysis software. Proximion’s advanced fiber optic sensor system for high temperature measurements consists of customized WISTHeat sensors and WISTSense Ultra interrogators. FBG sensors that read other measurands such as strain, pressure, acceleration and the like can be integrated within the same Proximion system. The system’s unprecedented sensor density together with extreme resolution and sample rate will provide you with insights you never thought were possible.
The need for distributed sensing of temperature and other process parameters exists in a wide range of applications such as; oil & gas, energy, steel industry, various process industries, aerospace & defense and automotive. We have a wealth of experience working with fiber optics, and have unique expertise within design and development of FBG-based sensor system solutions for various industries.
Thermo-electra functions as a sales agent for Proximion in Europe, please contact our sales team for more information.

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