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FBG Fiber Optic Sensors

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Large number of sensor points – Enables array sensingThe high number of sensor points in one single optical fiber gives great measurement coverage for array sensing in line, area and volume measurements for enhanced process visualization and control.
Extremely small sensors – Fast and precise measurementsThe small diameter of the fiber enables fast responses for monitoring of dynamic processes and allows measurement exactly where you need it.
Signals transfer by light – Easy cablingThe measurement signals are transferred by light only, and so are insensitive to electro-magnetic fields and do not disturb other devices. The signal cable can be laid next to power cables over very long distances if required, with no disturbance from electromagnetic fields. All dielectric fiber sensors do not electrically disturb other devices.
Low power light source – Intrinsically (EX) safeThe presence of only low power light and no electricity in the cabling and at the sensor point allows for use in the most hazardous environments by being inherently safe optical radiation, according to IEC 60079-28:2015 for the highest optical protection class, if required.
No electronics – Very long service-lifeWith no degrading electronic components, the fiber optic sensors can tolerate temperature extremes (high and low), high voltage, aggressive chemicals, vibrations, humidity and explosive environments.
Multiplexed telecoms technology – Low system costFiber optic sensing uses high-volume, low-cost telecoms technology. A sensing system with many fiber optic sensors connected to a single instrument by simple, low-cost optical cable can be significantly less expensive that an equivalent system using legacy electronic technology.
A wide range of applicationsThe need for distributed sensing of temperature and other process parameters exists in a wide range of applications such as; oil & gas, energy, steel industry, various process industries, aerospace & defense and automotive. We have a wealth of experience working with fiber optics, and have unique expertise within design and development of FBG-based sensor system solutions for various industries.
Thermo-electra functions as a sales agent for Proximion in Europe, please contact our sales team for more information.

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