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AOIP CALYS 1200 Precision documented multifunction calibrator

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Product information
CALYS 1200 is a field documenting multifunction calibrator within CALYS range. It is the perfect tool for advanced process maintenance and use on test bench in all industries.
Suitable for all field and lab measurements, it can simultaneously measure, generate and record over two isolated channels various signals of temperature, pressure, resistance, process and frequency in one single instrument.
Providing extended functionalities (temperature simulation, scaling, steps, synthesizer, statistical functions, user-programmable configurations…), CALYS 1200 makes advanced data exploitation and full data traceability easier, as well as quick access to functions by menus.
The instrument simultaneously measures and simulates:Temperature: Up to 0.010% RDG
Resistance: Up to 0.010% RDG, 4 KΩ range
Current: Up to 0.012% RDG, 50 mA range + 24 V loop supply
Voltage: Up to 0.010% RDG, 50 V range
Frequency: Up to 0.005% RDG, 20 KHz range (10 kHz in simulation)
Pressure: With an external pressure module (comparison calibration with a pressure pump)
Using this user-friendly instrument, calibration tasks can be quickly carried out over the whole process chain. Take the documenting process calibrator to the field with you during the whole week with 10 calibration procedures stored in the device.
Run the procedure after connecting the probes to the instrument and save the results for onsite easy and quick calibration. Back to the office, you can then upload the data on a computer in order to issue customized calibration certificates with dedicated calibration software DATACAL.
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Customisation possibilities

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