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SR48 Thermocouple welder bench model

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Designed for the fast production of thermocouple junctions and other fine wire welds, it has an output of 48 joules over two power ranges allowing for two wires of up to 1.1mm dia each to be welded.
Energy output0 to 48 joules via selectable outputs
Weld capacityUp to 2 x 1.1mm dia.
Power supply220/240Vac or 100/120Vac to order
Dimensions310 x 230 x 120mm
LED indicationMains on
MeterPercent of max charge
Weld switchActivates weld
PotentiometerSets energy level
Power cable
Black lead with croc clip
Red filter
2mm Allen key
Spare carbons(2)
Foot switch
Pen & plate welding jig
Impact welding clip
Tweezer electrodes
Carbon electrodes

Customisation possibilities

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Productcode SR48


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