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PLUS TWPH-1UT wireless temperature transmitter

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Wireless temperature transmitter for thermocouple and RTD sensors, can be mounted in almost all connectionheads.
Range868 MHz - up to 4km (Line of Sight)
915 MHz - up to 4km (Line of Sight)
*Range depends on the environment and line of sight. Always verify your wireless network's range by performing a Site Survey
Radio Transmit Power868 MHz - 25/27 dBm
915 MHz - 8/27 dBm
Radio Receiver Sensivity-97 to -110 dBm
Frequency868 MHz - 868 to 869 MHz
915 MHz - 902 to 928 MHz
Radio Channels868 MHz - 16 channels
915 MHz - 50 channels
Encryption methodAES 128 (Advanced Encryption Standard)
Sensor typePt100 and Thermocouple type C, J, K, N, R, S, T
Open-circuit monitoringAlways active (cannot be disabled)
Short-circuit monitoring868 MHz - Always active (cannot be disabled)
915 MHz - Not available
Maximum Devices55
Maximum Hops13
Communication Period1 to 43200 seconds (configurable)
Range5 to 24V DC
Operating Temperature-40 to 80ºC

Customisation possibilities

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Productcode PLUS TWPH-1UT


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