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MBA Bearing shoe RTD Pt100 sensor 3.2 x 8mm

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ApplicationA range of high accuracy miniature embedded (also known as embedment) Pt100 sensors designed for surface temperature measurements in general industrial applications such as in bearing shoe applications to give a reliable indication of bearing wear and oil film breakdown through continuous monitoring of temperature. These tip sensitive resistance thermometers have an operating temperature range of -25°C to +250°C and can be supplied with a pressure tested oil seal barrier to prevent leakage. Standard assemblies are easy to install in drilled holes for general temperature sensing applications, whereas the spring loaded ‘top hat’ style assemblies are inserted into a milled hole with a retaining clip pushed down to compress the spring and retain the sensor against the surface being monitored.
TypeSimplex or Duplex Pt100
AccuracyAccording to IEC 60751 class B
Operating range-25 / +230°C
Connection2-wire or 3-wire
MaterialStainless steel or phosphor bronze
Diameter3.2mm or 6.0mm
Length simplex sensor8.0mm standard, or contact us to specify
Length duplex sensor12mm standard, or contact us to specify
ConductorsSilver plated copper conductors with PTFE insulation
Length1000mm standard, other lengths possible
CablePTFE wire insulation and outer jacket (TT)
Cable with internal armourStainless steel braiding with overall PTFE jacket (TAT)
Cable with external armourPTFE cable jacket with external Stainless steel braiding (TTA)
Explosion proof versionsATEX / IECEx versions available, please consult us
Oil seal partStandard 60 x 4.75mm, length away from
Other dimensionsPlease consult us

Customisation possibilities

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Productcode MBA
Cable type TT, TAT, TTA
Pt100 Single or Duplex S or D
Connection 2 or 3-wire 2 or 3
Cable length "L" in mm "L"


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