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HT 4010

HT 4010 High temperature thermocouple up to 1300°C

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ConstructionClosed-end tube
Insertion lengthCustomer to specify
Diameter15x2.0mm standard, other diameters possible
Process connectionSliding flange model MFA-C (showed)
Tube materialCustomer to specify
A) 500 °CSt 35.8 (1.0305)
B) 700 °CSt 35.8 Enamel coated
C) 1200 °CX15CrNiSi 2520 (1.4841)
D) 920 °CSS316/L - (1.4401/1.4404)
E) 1160 °CInconel 600
F) 1200 °CX10CrAL24 (1.4762)
G) 1150 °CX18CrNi28 (1.4749)
H) 1300 °CKanthal AF
MaterialAluminium or Stainless Steel
Cable entryM20x1.5 standard, other threads possible
TypeMineral or Ceramic insulated
CalibrationK, J, N, R, S or B
For duplexKK, JJ, NN, RR, SS or BB
AccuracyAccording to IEC 60584-1
Swing-Cover headDAN, transmitter direct mounted on measuring insert
High Swing-Cover headDAN-H, transmitter in cover, insert with ceramic block

Customisation possibilities

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Productcode HT 4010
Length "L" in mm


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