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CONAX PG Single sensor feedthrough

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Conax Technologies Model PG Packing Glands provide pressure/vacuum sealing for tubes, probes, pipe, cable or any single element assembly (not electrically isolating), including thermocouples, RTDs, thermometers, thermistor probes, capillary tubes, tubewells, multi-pair cables and analyzer sample tubes. PG glands seal against gases and liquids and resist element movement under pressure.
Material bodyStainless steel 303 standard, other materials possible
Material capStainless steel 303 standard, other materials possible
Temperature range-240°C up to +870°C (-400°F up to +1600°F), depending on sealant used
Pressure rangeVacuum up to 10,000 PSIG (690 bar)
Proces connection1/16", 1/8", 1/4", 1/2" or 3/4"NPT
Element diameters1.0 up to 48.26mm
Lava-185°C up to +870°C (-300°F up to +1600°F)
PTFE-185°C up to +232°C (-300°F up to +450°F)
Neoprene-40°C up to +93°C (-40°F up to +200°F)
Viton-23°C up to +232°C (-10°F up to +450°F)
Grafoil-240°C up to +495°C in air, +1650°C in inert or reducing atm.
(-400°F up to +925°F in air, +3000°F in inert or reducing atm.)

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