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C 50

C 50 Instrument Cable, with Electrical Screen and Armour

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Each wire high quality extruded
Please specifyP : for PVCPE : for Polyethylene
Inner JacketHigh quality extruded PVC or PE
Electrical screenTwo layers of aluminium mylar tape with tinned copper earth wire 7 x 0.25 mm
ArmourServed steel wires, 0.9 mm minimum, with counter steel band
Outer jacketHigh quality extruded PVC
Moisture resistanceGood
Flame resistanceGood
Temperature limitsPVC : -30 / +105 ° CPE : -30 / +70 ° C
Stranded copper
Conductor size1.3 mm², 7 x 0.5 mm ( 16 Awg )
Number of pairs or triad1
ConstructionTwisted, ± 20 times per meter
IdentificationP : pair ; Black and whiteT : triad ; Black, white and red
Jacket colourBlack or blue
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Customisation possibilities

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Productcode C 50
Insulation ( P or PE )
Pair or Triad ( P or T )
Jacket colour


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