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Bottom entry thermometer

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ExecutionBimetallic (BI) or Gasfilled (GF)
Case diameterTo be specified, standard 100 or 160mm
Case materialStainless steel
Insert materialStainless steel
WindowInstrument glass or laminated safety glass
Insert length70x10mm (X) below case standard for mounting compression fitting
Length (L) to be specified according to thermowell or protection tube length
Insert diameter6.0mm standard, other diameters possible
AccuracyClass 1 according to EN 13190 (Case 100 mm and 160 mm)
Grade A (1 %) according to ASME B40.200 (Case 3“ and 5“)
-50...50°C up to 0...500°C, to be specified
-80...120°F up to 200...1000°F, to be specified
We always supply with a 10-20° overrange. For example, your measurement range is +40/+120°C we will supply a dial with scale from +20/+140°C
UnitsAvailable in °C or °C or with dual scale °C/°F
ATEX certification
Calibration certificate
IP65/66/68 rating
Silicone liquid filling
External adjustment
Compressionfitting 1/2"NPT or 1/2"BSP (G1/2")

Customisation possibilities

You can remark the customisation in your quote

Productcode BA
Bimetallic (BI) or Gasfilled (GF)
Case size
Range in °C or °F
Insert length in mm
Insert diameter in mm


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