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4000 series Universal DIN-rail transmitters

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Input for RTD, Thermocouple, Ohm, potentiometer, mA and V
2-wire supply > 16 V
FM-approved for installation in Div. 2
Output for current, voltage and 2 relays
Universal AC or DC supply
Linearized, electronic temperature measurement with RTD or Thermocouple sensor
Conversion of linear resistance variation to a standard analog current / voltage signal, i.e. from solenoids and butterfly valves or linear movements with attached potentiometer
Power supply and signal isolator for 2-wire transmitters
Process control with standard analog output
Galvanic separation of analog signals and measurement of floating signals
The 4114 is designed according to strict safety requirements and is therefore suitable for application in SIL 2 installations
Suitable for the use in systems up to Performance Level “d” according to ISO-13849
When the 4000 series is used with the PR 4500 display series, all operational parameters can be modified to suit any application. As the 4000 series is designed with electronic hardware switches, it is not necessary to open the device for setting of DIP-switches
A green / red front LED indicates normal operation and malfunction
Continuous check of vital stored data for safety reasons
3-port 2.3 kVAC galvanic isolation
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