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    CONAX PG Single sensor feedthrough


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    CMC-141 Multicon Panel Mount Recorder Controller 144x144mm

    The Multicon CMC are powerful and versatile compact-multichannel-controllers with a capability to record data, if the recording function is requested and activated. e.g. 16 RTD ot 31 TC signals. MultiCon CMC-141 is CMC-99's bigger brother. It has all features included in CMC-99, but in addition it has a bigger display, more inputs/outputs and even more logic channels. Casing depth is still only 100 mm. Thanks to that it is one of the first industrial devices which integrates advanced control functions (PID, ON/OFF, time & profiles etc.) and logging of setpoints, excitations and current state of controlled objects. Based on Linux firmware, is stable and the touch screen makes configuration easy and comfortable and data presentation also readable and attractive. Although the Multicon CMC-141 is build in a quite small housing, it can integrate up to 72 inputs, and its construction allows user almost free configuration by choosing up to 3 from 30 available input/output modules. The device can simultanously record all build-in logical channels, and is capable to record data with maximum speed 10Hz (ten samples per second, with some limitation of number of recorded channels). 1.5GB of internal data memory is enough for continuous recording of all channels with a speed of 1 sample per second (each channel) for over 2 months (125 000 000 samples in total!). An operator can download stored data using a USB flash disk or via Ethernet.

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    Calibration Bath LCA50, Range +30°C to +225°C


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    E81 All pairs and overall screened thermocouple extension cable -30°C to 85°C


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    5331A Universal temperature transmitter


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AOIP Precision Instruments

       AOIP Product Line Description Catalog Page(s)

TC6602/TM6602 Pocket Thermometers and Calibrators 
TC6621 / TC6622 Pocket Temperature Calibrators AOIP's pocket indicator-calibrator line are precision instruments that perform, easily and economically, all common equipment calibration in the field. PDF PDF 131kb

Calys 50 Tester / Calibrator 
Calys 50 Tester / Calibrator Calys 50 Handheld Instrument supports all the calibration and verification operations of sensors, probes, controllers, panel meters and testing tools. PDF PDF 714kb

CALYS1500 High Precision Tester / Calibrator 
CALYS 1500 High Precision Tester / Calibrator CALYS 1500 Tester-Calibrator is a high accuracy instrument for measuring and simulating process signals. PDF PDF 313kb

PHP601/PHP602 High Resolution Dual Input Thermometers 
PHP601/PHP602 High Resolution Dual Input Thermometers High accuracy, dual input thermometers suitable for use with RTDs or thermocouples. PDF PDF 261kb


PHP601 / PHP602 PT100 Work Probes 
PHP601 / PHP602 PT100 Work Probes Probes for use with PHP 601 / PHP602 Series PDF PDF 261kb

DC Voltage And Current Calibration Standards 
DC Voltage And Current Calibration Standards SN 8310 is a standard dc voltage and current source. PDF PDF 102kb

 Calys 5 Tester / Calibrator  
Calys 5 Tester / Calibrator Designed for checking equipment in telemetry loops, such as sensors, transmitters, positioners, converters, and controllers. PDF PDF 239kb

 Calys 10 Testers / Calibrator  
Calys 10 Testers / Calibrator The calibrator Calys 10 is designed to meet all the growing requirements of calibration and maintenance departments. PDF PDF 315kb

TC6602/TM6602 Pocket Thermometers and Calibrators 

TM6602 / TM6612 / TM6630
Precision Digital Thermometers

AOIP's pocket indicator-calibrator line are precision instruments that perform, easily and economically, all common equipment calibration in the field. PDF PDF 131kb

Wireless temperature transmitter 
Wireless temperature transmitter thermocouple Pt100 and 4-20mA up to 256 channels T2RN RADIO transmitter and receiver system PDF PDF 131kb

Sensors for Pocket Thermometers 
 Handheld sensors
Sensors for Pocket Thermometers  


CP6632 Process Calibrators 
CP6632 Process-signal Calibrator   PDF PDF 131kb

OM10 Portable Micro-ohmmeters 
OM10 Portable Micro-ohmmeters On-site micro-ohmmeters for use in the workshop or laboratory. PDF PDF 83kb

 OM 16 On-site Micro-ohmmeter  
OM 16 On-site Micro-ohmmeter OM 16 milliohmmeter / micro-ohmmeter is firstly designed as an outdoor instrument but is also used in workshop, and maintenance departments. PDF PDF 145kb

 Accessories for OM16  
Accessories for OM16 Accessories for use with the OM16 on-site micro-ohmmeter PDF PDF 145kb

OM21 Programmable Micro-ohmmeters 
OM21 Programmable Micro-ohmmeters High resolution micro-ohmmeter measures with excellent accuracy PDF PDF 126kb

OM22 Industrial Micro-ohmmeters 
OM22 Industrial Micro-ohmmeters Industrial Micro-ohmmeter is pre-configured for each user. PDF PDF 127kb

Accessories for OM10 & OM21/22 
Accessories for OM10 & OM21/22 Accessories for use with OM10, OM21, and OM22 Micro-ohmmeters. PDF PDF 127kb

Cables Fault Locator 
Cables Fault Locator This instrument is designed to identify and locate with high precision faults as insulation faults and break on the wires. PDF PDF 65kb

Megohmmeter-Ohmmeter Analog/Digital Megohmmeter/Ohmmeter PDF PDF 113kb