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Pt100 reference tables according to EN60751


Thermo-Electra uses precision Pt100 wire wound detectors to EN60751, ceramic or glass encapsulated and thin film detectors for its resistance thermometers . Our PRT, Platium resistance sensors are amongst other RTD, Resistance temperature detectors available in a wide range of design variations. We manufacture Pt100 PRT, Platinum Resistance Thermometer assemblies for laboratories, general machinery and food industry, heat exchangers, chemical and petrochemical industries. Further a complete line of sensors with standard “DIN” constructions are made with an interchangeable insert, for easy replacement and can be supplied with a built-in two wire 4-20mA transmitter. Nearly all sensor models can be manufactured with an ATEX or IECEx explosionproof certificate for use in zone 0, 1 and 2 for Gas, and zone 20, 20 and 22 for Dust.

We now have 3C certification for the Chinese market on our Exd and Exi (LEX25 and LEX30) thermocouple and RTD sensors.